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From 1995 to 2000, Imperatore played or toured with artists such as Natalie Cole, Susan Vega, Man At Work, Midnight Oil, Marisa Monte, Titas, Tom Capone, Monobloco, Ivo Meirelles, Cassiano among many others.

It is after 2001 that Imperatore initiates the project BoTECOeletro. The project, influenced by folk, erudite music, as well as popular and pop brazilian music, gave to BoTECOeletro the prize for best electronic album of 2005 at the Brazilian Music Awards (the Brazilian equivalent to the Grammys). 

In 2012 Imperatore releases boTECOeletro Vol. 2, which was once again named best electronic album in the 2013 edition of the Brazilian Music Awards. 



The best of two worlds.

Ricardo Imperatore num Boteco do Rio

Ricardo Imperatore in a bodega in Rio

The name Botecoeletro comes from the blending of two distinct passions: An old passion for the Rio's Botecos, where so many things happened and where so much culture was made, and a new love - the electronic music.

In this photo we can see the Adega da Praça, a typical bodega of Rio de Janeiro, immortalized in the cover of boTECOeletro Volume 2.

Botecoeletro Vol 1


©2004 - Brazilian Music Awards 2005
Best Electronic Album.

According to Imperatore, "Brasileirismo" is the basis of the concept of BoTECOeletro. Marisa Monte stated the following: "Botecoelectro left me a very positive mark when I first heard it. I'm glad everyone had the same opportunity I had when I heard this record."

Botecoeletro Vol 2

boTECOeletro Vol. 2

©2012 - Brazilian Music Awards 2013
Nomenee Melhor Álbum Electrónico.

Once again this is an innovative record, full of influences from Brazilian roots music, where we find the presence of names like Baden-Powel or Zé Ramalho, among many others.